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We deliver high quality award winning music with a 20 -year experience in the music industry.

​We are specialising in Original Music, Sound Design, Mastering,  Game Audio

+ all the facilities of a modern recording studio ready to satisfy all the needs of our clients.



Original music score & sound design



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Music Production

We deliver Award Winning original music - soundtrack for Games, Films, Trailers, TV, and more.

Click HERE to see acclaimed work-project list.

Need songwriting?
Our multi awarded songwriters, producers and engineers can help you from beginning to end, including finding session musicians and preparing your project for recording. Be surprised how easily a song idea can turn into a commercial HIT !

Professional Mastering

Make your music sound High Quality on iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, Game Audio on IOS/Android/WIN/MAC

and all across the web. 


We’re committed to delivering music as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard.

Whether you’re an artist, a major label or a small indie, you provide the most important ingredient for iTunes—the music itself. It’s our job to faithfully and accurately deliver your songs and albums to fans around the world exactly as you intend them to be heard. We’ve designed our tools to facilitate the best possible results, ones that live up to your highest standards for music available on the iTunes Store.


Dexter Johnson And Le Super Star De Dakar

Teranga Beat’s consistently excellent transmissions from West Africa should be commended not only for their sparkling musical content, but also for having set a high bar for mastering and sound quality.


 '' The WIRE '' 


Stem Mixing-Recording-Proccessing


Studio's space and dual isolation booths are the perfect rooms for tracking your next project by providing excellent acoustical properties and optimal recording conditions. Furthermore, our experienced staff have been recording & mixing professionally for over 15+ years, which means you can be confident that we will be efficient in maximizing your time in the studio.

Fabrika's mixing and mastering suite was designed for professional final production. Mix in a unique and detailed environment that will open your ears to sonic detail and imaging. Create mixes that not only translate accurately into the open world, but that are properly mixed in preparation for the mastering process. 

Whether it's a short vocal session or full-length album, the creative team at Fabrika Music Studio are amongst the most knowledgeable and easy to work with you'll find in Athens.

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80 BIT


Sound Branding & Design


Reinforce your brand identity with a brand fit sound logo.

A bespoke, brand fit sound logo can enhance your brand identity in several ways including:

•Enhance brand perception
•Boost your online presence and market presence
•Increase the probability of leaving a lasting impact and impression

So what is a sound logo ?   See HERE our Original Sound Logo for Avokiddo Games.

The sound logo (or audio mnemonic) is one of the tools of sound branding, along with the jingle, brand music, and brand theme. A sound logo (or audio logo or sonic logo) is a short distinctive melody or other sequence of sound, mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial. It can be seen as the acoustic equivalent of a visual logo. 

Just like a visual logo, the most essential qualities of a sound logo are uniqueness, memorability, and relevancy to the brand promise.




Stefan Konstantinidis

Owner - Composer/Producer - Artist

Since 1990 he engaged in music, both as a composer and as a producer. The rich discography includes seven own releases, remixes in Greece and abroad, and many co-productions.

2 Prizes for Best Music in 2011 & 2017 by the Greek Film Academy,  along with music band drog_A_tek.

He is behind ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ,Electroware, ΗΧΟΤΟΠίΑ, drog_A_tek music bands.


Nassos Sopilis

Owner - Composer


He has a Diploma in Piano with professor  pianist Dimitris Toufexis and a Bachelor degree in Music.

He continued his studies in London with the acquisition of Post Graduate in Piano Performance and Master in Music Technology and in 2007 he continued his studies in Miami for obtaining Doctorate in Composition. He is working as a pianist and arranger and has worked with many Orchestras and Choirs in Greece and abroad. His music has been used in Theater and Cinema in more than 27 productions.